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Toronto is…

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What is Toronto to you?

… hometown?

… a place to have fun?

… where you went to school?

… a new home?

Whether you were born in Toronto, grew up here, or just visiting, everyone experiences this city in a different way.


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A Day on Ward’s Island


Earlier this month I spent a day on Ward’s Island working on a photo project that will be released at the end of next month (more details on that coming later!). I’ve been to the Toronto Islands many times, but this time was different. The entire city was buried under thick fog, and from the Island, you couldn’t see anything beyond the water. It was as if nothing else existed besides the island.


Nature/Wildlife, Photography, Toronto

Allan Gardens

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One of my favourite things about Toronto is that no matter how cold it is outside, you can always find a warm tropical indoor paradise somewhere in the city. Today, it happened to be the Allan Gardens Conservatory. I initially headed out today thinking of getting some nice shots of the winter storm, but it ended up being way too cold for my fingers to handle – felt like -15 degrees C!