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2020 – What do you want to know?

One of my high school teachers once said to me, “The best way to learn is to try to explain it to someone else.”

This blog has provided a platform for myself to share my experiences and images. It’s been a learning process, and there have been many times where I’ve reevaluated what I was doing and wondered if it was the right path. But this new decision I’ve made feels right.

As we head into the new year, I want to change my approach to the content that I put out on this blog.

Mute swan at High Park, Toronto.

Moving forward, I want this blog to provide value to you, my readers! I want to share tips and tricks that work for me when it comes to photography. I want to provide you with tutorials and resources to help you with the editing process. I want to provide you with inspiration and ideas for your next big project!

Share with me what you want to hear more about in the comments below!

Or shoot me an e-mail at 🙂

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