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For those who don’t know, I’m currently in ‪#‎Chennai‬, ‪#‎India‬ visiting family and working on a personal video project.


The past 5 days has been devastating due to horrible floods engulfing the city. ~280 lives have been lost and people are still stuck in flooded homes with no food or power. I am fortunate enough to be in Northern Chennai, where there is very little flooding, and the following picture shows the worst of it in our area. Through out the devastation, one thing that was truly inspiring was seeing ‪#‎humanity‬ come together to help one other. Beyond politicians and army men, most of the help came from locals helping each other. People volunteered to assist on rescue missions and give out food, blankets, etc. Temples, mosques and churches opened up their doors to people of all religions seeking shelter. Animals were taken care of by those who had extra space and resources. People opened up their own homes for those in need. Through out the 5 months that I’ve been here, I can honestly say that only during these 5 days have I seen what the city of Chennai is truly about: love, humanity & kindness.


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